LINK® Knee Prostheses

Knee prostheses and knee joint systems

LINK® has available a large selection of high-quality implants and instruments for interventions on the knee joint.

Because of its various options, the LINK GEMINI® SL® total knee replacement provides a suitable treatment solution.
LINK also offers minimally invasive surgical techniques for bone-preserving and conservative operations.

The rotational and hinge knee joint Endo-Model® SL® prostheses are likewise suitable for primary and revision surgery.
The kinematics and anchoring principle of the Knee System SL® are based on the Endo-Model® for the pivot-constrained
knee joint replacement. LINK is a leader in this sector which has been proven successful for decades.

In cooperation with external suppliers LINK additionally offers computer aided navigation systems (CAS).

Sled Prosthesis

Total Knee – Difficult Primary

Total Knee – Gemini SL Knee System